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International questions

PostitusPostitatud: 01.01.2005, 23:26
Postitas arko
wiseoldowls asked:
John Carradine, Darryl Hannah, Angelina Jolie, Christopher Lee, Robert de Niro, and Kurt Russell, among others, have all worn which very distinctive item in at least one film role?

A clue for you ...

PostitusPostitatud: 02.01.2005, 01:06
Postitas Wise Old Owls
This would be worn somewhere above the waist.

Another clue ...

PostitusPostitatud: 02.01.2005, 18:35
Postitas Wise Old Owls
Above the neck! :roll:

PostitusPostitatud: 02.01.2005, 18:37
Postitas Joks
A wig?

Re: International questions

PostitusPostitatud: 02.01.2005, 21:07
Postitas Mart Rummo
Horns, I guess (those of a demonic creature not a beast)

PostitusPostitatud: 03.01.2005, 04:16
Postitas Wise Old Owls
Not Horns, not a wig. Think a little bit lower on the head ...

PostitusPostitatud: 03.01.2005, 10:24
Postitas Toaster
Vampire fangs? :roll:

PostitusPostitatud: 03.01.2005, 19:00
Postitas Wise Old Owls
Not vampire fangs. I'm looking for something which could be worn in polite company. Indeed, if one had a need for such an item, it would be distasteful to be seen in public without one.

PostitusPostitatud: 03.01.2005, 19:43
Postitas Mart Rummo
eye-flap? or eye-patch or what do you call this pirates' obligatory accessory

Well done Mart

PostitusPostitatud: 04.01.2005, 04:19
Postitas Wise Old Owls
It is indeed an eye patch. Who can forget Darryl Hannah in Kill Bill II, with one eye patch already Uma Thurman plucks out her other eye! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwww!!!!

Over to you Mart.

Re: Well done Mart

PostitusPostitatud: 04.01.2005, 10:57
Postitas Mart Rummo
In October 1999, members of the UK government attended a return banquet at a foreign embassy.
Patrick French wrote the following lines about the event: "During the dinner, ... entertained the guests by grabbing a microphone without warning and singing the 1930s Broadway hit "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay," /---/. When his karaoke performance was over, the British government felt obliged to respond, and the banquet ended with the surreal spectacle of the stocky and ill-favoured deputy prime minister, John Prescott, leading the guests in a rendition of "for He's a Jolly Good Fellow." "
Who was the host of the described banquet?

PostitusPostitatud: 05.01.2005, 06:18
Postitas Mart Rummo
Pay attention to the date - October 1, 1999 was the 50th anniversary of a republic.

PostitusPostitatud: 05.01.2005, 09:07
Postitas tauno
Mr. Netanyahu?

PostitusPostitatud: 05.01.2005, 09:15
Postitas Mart Rummo
Tauno kirjutas:Mr. Netanyahu?

No, the rebirth Israel is dated a year earlier.

PostitusPostitatud: 05.01.2005, 09:23
Postitas tauno
ok, let´s move eastwards: Mr. Li Peng?