Shares in the World Quizzing Championships

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Shares in the World Quizzing Championships

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Edastan informatsiooni IQA juhatuse liikmelt Jane Allenilt:

With over 1,000 people being involved in the WQC this year and 25 countries involved, the WQC is suddenly very exciting to investors. So, the IQA has formed a company that will effectively handle the marketing and sales side of the WQC (the profit-making things), while the IQA writes the questions, oversees the format and adjudicates.

As many of you know, while we have been building the event up and learning how best to set the questions, I have been working on bringing the WQC to TV. I believe I have identified the best and most profitable way to achieve this and we are now going for funding through major investors. However, as we have been so well supported by so many of you over the years, we thought that some of you might like the opportunity to share in the future of event too.

Our plans are very ambitious and we have very many contacts now. In fact, you'd be hard pushed to find someone useful that I haven't spoken to. I think many of you will be surprised by what we have achieved already and what we intend to achieve in the coming years. We would not want you to feel you’d missed out on a business opportunity. So, as our investment strategy will be determined over the next few weeks, could you please indicate if you’d have an interest in investing. I don’t expect anyone to make any commitment without first knowing what we plan, but it would be useful to have a general idea of the interest in this from the quizzing community and other friends.

Shares are likely to be sold at around £100 each and there's nothing stopping you buying as part of a group if you would prefer to make a smaller investment.

So, could you PM me letting me know how much you might be willing to invest - assuming you like our plans when you see them. You won't be held to it and there's no pressure on anyone to put any money in at all. We can get the whole thing funded anyway, but we want to invite you to be a part of our efforts to turn quiz into a recognised mind sport that enjoys high profile global TV coverage.

Anyone interested in investing in the World Quizzing Championships needs to
complete a non-disclosure agreement. Just email for a
copy. Then we can send you out details of our plans. Prepare to be blown
away :-)
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